The Author


I’m Alison, a Maritime Canadian living and working in England. I moved here in the early 2000s with my British born hubby and plan to return to my native New Brunswick as retirement approaches.

A Few Facts About Me

Who –  Cancerian, Water sign, grandmother to Zoe, Benjamin and Amelia. Doggie mom to Honey the Lab-Retriever cross. Would live on champagne and chocolate if it weren’t for the calories.

Love – skincare, essential oils, my garden, Chanel No 5, a good mascara and the smart-casual aesthetic

Work – self employed medical p.a. with a busy practice


Other than Apple & Bears, there are no affiliate links on the Merrie Sage. Use common sense regarding any of the well being posts. I am not trained or licensed to diagnose or prescribe. If you choose to try any of the aromatherapy advice on TMS, you do so at your own discretion.
Always patch test before going ahead with any essential oil or other product that is new to you. See the patch testing post here. The rule is: if in doubt, don’t! Get advice first from your medical practitioner.From time to time I post about products, clothing or services that I am enthusiastic about. I only very occasionally receive PR samples or am gifted items, but if something falls into that category, the post will indicate that. However this does not guarantee a positive review.
All opinions, suggestions and results are my own. I make no warranties or guarantees about the suitability of anything on the blog for anyone but myself.

Comments Welcome!

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