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Twelve Days to Christmas

Not to be confused with the Twelve Days of Christmas which stars on December 25th. I have another week of work before I shut the office down for ten days. Its been a long, busy year and I am so looking forward to the break. I was sent a lovely Christmas hamper by a client, full of wine, chocolate and other Christmas treats. The healthy eating of the past few months is going to go a bit off the rails this month!

The jet stream continues to favour us with its presence, like a house guest who wore out their welcome weeks ago. A day or two of dry weather, then its back to wet, windy and miserable. Dog walking has gone from the now waterlogged, mud soaked fields to the sidewalk and bits of parkland that isn’t completely waterlogged. There is a horrible smell on the fields, like sewage, so that has put us off walking our Lab, Honey, on them any more. There a number of canals in the area and the water is dangerously high now. She has a habit of straying near the edge to get her nose in and I’m not keen on trying to haul her out of the dirty water if she goes in. She’s a Lab, so she swims like a fish, but she does have a mild ear condition that precludes diving into the local waterways.

Spring is months away yet, but I couldn’t resist these hyacinth bulbs the local supermarket was selling as Christmas gifts. I have no idea what colour they will be when they bloom, but that’s part of the fun of watching them. The colour and scent will be a pleasant spot during the long, dark, grey days of Winter.

Honey says “have a great weekend!”


New month, three weeks to Christmas, cold, dry and sunny. Finally, the wet miserable weather of October and November has blown out. At least for now. Dark at 4 p.m., not daylight again until 8 a.m. That is really the only thing I dislike about Winter. I like light and sun, as much of it as I can get!

I’m days late getting my Christmas cards done so this year I”m sending to my children and grandkids only.  Got the tree up and decorated last weekend and I’m pleased with how good the new set of lights look.

We took the hound out to Cannock Chase last Sunday, early in the morning before it started raining again. The fields and woods near us are saturated from the last eight weeks of rain so we thought it would be less messy to go on the trails around the Chase. It still looks like Autumn there and the temp was perfect.

I love how quiet it is there. England is badly overcrowded with far too many vehicles, so its a real treat to be able to walk somewhere quiet and enjoy nature.

I’ve no plans for the holidays other than closing the office for ten days for some badly overdue time off. Whatever your plans are for Christmas, I hope you have a happy and blessed one!