February – Spring On The Horizon

Clewley Coppice. One of my favourite spots to dog walk. Set in the middle of an industrial park, you would never know its there if you didn’t look for it. England is an overpopulated country so finding a place in the middle of a busy urban area that hasn’t been spoilt by overuse is a treat!

Despite being on the same latitude as Newfoundland, the U.K. is fortunate to have consistently mild Winters. It rarely snows, except in the very Northern areas and into Scotland, so signs of Spring are already showing up. Snowdrops that came up in January and are now in full bloom. This month I’m seeing crocuses and the green shoots of daffodils. I planted a container of primroses and mini daffodils last week to bring a bit of colour to the front door. Its still too early to do much with the containers in the back yard, though I’m seeing lots of green shoots in the ground and two of the trees in the back are showing signs of life again. I have no idea what will bloom this Spring since we moved into this house at the end of April last year and missed the early bloomers.

The fields behind the house are being plowed this week.

Our Honey turned two on January 31st! She celebrated by being piggier than usual. To her, mealtimes are an all day event! That’s a Lab for you.

Work is mega busy, I think I’m going to need to get some part time help soon, so we are thinking about short breaks in March. Cove Park on the Isle of Portland on the Dorset coast, has been a favourite long weekend spot for us for many years. We rent a four season caravan (trailer to we North Americans), bring a bag of groceries and wine and enjoy the sea view. The wifi isn’t great and there’s not much for television, which is exactly what you need to really wind down. The Park is offering 20% off bookings placed before March 1st, so the last weekend of March is looking good to us. There is an excellent Chinese take out, The Golden Island, that we always visit as soon as we get unpacked. Its a sort of first night ritual to get a tub of chow mein and relax after the long drive from the Midlands to the Dorset coast. Don’t make that “healthy eating” face at me. Egg roll anyone?

2 thoughts on “February – Spring On The Horizon

  1. Lynne Ellis-Smith

    I cannot believe you guys have flowers blooming already! More snow on the way here, but that’s to be expected. I think I have at least another month or two in front of the fireplace reading before I venture out for a good walk anywhere – too darn icy! Bet you don’t miss the weather in Newfoundland though, do you?

    Oh and P.S. thanks for reminding me I haven’t had a decent tub of chow mein for years. Now I’m craving. 😉


    1. Alison Post author

      I’ll need to get used to later Springs soon enough. The plan is to retire back to New Brunswick in three years. In the meantime, it’s still a novelty to have stuff blooming in February!



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