Twelve Days to Christmas

Not to be confused with the Twelve Days of Christmas which stars on December 25th. I have another week of work before I shut the office down for ten days. Its been a long, busy year and I am so looking forward to the break. I was sent a lovely Christmas hamper by a client, full of wine, chocolate and other Christmas treats. The healthy eating of the past few months is going to go a bit off the rails this month!

The jet stream continues to favour us with its presence, like a house guest who wore out their welcome weeks ago. A day or two of dry weather, then its back to wet, windy and miserable. Dog walking has gone from the now waterlogged, mud soaked fields to the sidewalk and bits of parkland that isn’t completely waterlogged. There is a horrible smell on the fields, like sewage, so that has put us off walking our Lab, Honey, on them any more. There a number of canals in the area and the water is dangerously high now. She has a habit of straying near the edge to get her nose in and I’m not keen on trying to haul her out of the dirty water if she goes in. She’s a Lab, so she swims like a fish, but she does have a mild ear condition that precludes diving into the local waterways.

Spring is months away yet, but I couldn’t resist these hyacinth bulbs the local supermarket was selling as Christmas gifts. I have no idea what colour they will be when they bloom, but that’s part of the fun of watching them. The colour and scent will be a pleasant spot during the long, dark, grey days of Winter.

Honey says “have a great weekend!”

2 thoughts on “Twelve Days to Christmas

  1. Lynne Ellis-Smith

    I hope your Christmas was wonderful, Ali! No trip back to Canada this year, I guess? It’s a long journey and a horrible time of year for traveling.

    I have added your website into my blogger feed, and I hope that I will get notifications when you post in future! I have been out of this loop for so long, it’s going to take me a while to get back into the habit of checking that feed though. And isn’t it funny how I find it so much easier to comment on a blog than I do on an IG post. I believe that’s because I hate typing on my phone though – dinosaur that I am. 😉


    1. Alison Post author

      Thanks for the add! I went home for Christmas two years ago and never again. I enjoyed the visit, not the actual travel. I confine my trips to the month of August now. I’m undecided regarding social media this year. Or anti-social media as it’s become. I would love to make the migration back to blogs since you aren’t the only dinosaur out there! Happy New Year!



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